Men’s Jewelry

I usually focus on women’s fashion, beauty and jewelry, but I want to take a small census. Jewelry for men – hot or not? I went online to shop for the boy toy – his birthday is coming up, and for my last birthday he got me a GORGEOUS six hundred dollar bracelet – white gold with aquamarine links. So basically, I need to do as good or better. Yes – birthdays are a competition, and I need to win!!
The standard men’s jewelry type gift is cuff links. But fact – there is nothing – and I mean nothing – standard about the boy toy. I was thinking more along the lines of a ring. It seems more sentimental, sweet and meaningful than cuff links. It’s also rarer to find nice men’s rings than nice cuff links, so there’s the added value of him knowing that I put in some serious effort to try and find him a birthday gift.
I found some fantastic mens designer rings on the Stephen Einhorn website. They’re located in the UK -London, to be precise – although they offer international deliveries. (Incidentally, what is it about the UK that makes me want to use words like “precise” and “indeed”?? I feel horrendous – stereotyping Brits.)
Anyway, Stephen Einhorn – I found a number of different types of designer rings for men, in all different shapes, colors, and metals. There were a couple of rings that were a little too hard core for me (and thus, for the boy toy), like rings that had skull designs, fang designs, and snake designs. But there were a number of simple, elegant designs that are absolutely perfect. I didn’t want to get him something too simple or wedding ring-esque (no need to scare him half to death on his birthday), but there were some nice ones with lovely, multicolored stones. Check it out!


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