Need gift ideas?

I know it’s relatively early, but coming from someone who has picked out her boyfriend’s birthday presents six months in advance each and every year for the past four years, I’m runnin’ a bit behind here. The holidays are a-comin’! Gifts must be bought! And time is running out – it’s less than a month till Thanksgiving! Aaaah!!!
Thanks to my full-on panic mode, my brain is frozen. Seeing as how the most difficult part of acquiring gifts is knowing what to buy for each person, this is not helpful, to say the least. Personally, I would love to get gift certificates for everyone – money makes everyone happy. But then you look like the person who didn’t put any thought into her gifts. And I hate to be thought of as the person who didn’t put any thought into her gifts. Grr.
Thankfully, there are websites that not only offer gifts, but gift ideas as well. These sites offer options like age, gender, personality type, dad, grandfather, aunt, child…the list goes on. I mean, when it comes to gifts, it’s all about the personalization. Otherwise people just get insulted. My dad, for example, would be slightly offended if I handed him a beach ball, and I doubt my sister would be thrilled with me if I gave my little niece a bottle of fine wine. But switch ’em around and you’re golden!
Fine, a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea…


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