Back to the usual

Back to regular clothing – the kind you wear over your underwear. This one actually relates to my previous post on control top panty hose – let’s talk some plus size fashion.
Let’s be honest – most fashion designers are interested in what I have heard called “clothing hangers” – i.e. rail thin models upon whom the clothing simply hangs. In other words, designers are more interested in displaying the clothing than the person wearing it. Fair enough, since after all they are designing the clothing.
However, they seem to have forgotten that clothing is designed for people, and the average person is not six feet tall and ninety eight pounds. It’s a bit gross, actually.
And since, as I mentioned in my last post, I have gained a bit of weight, I’ve been taking more of an interest in the plus sized fashion arena. And surprisingly, considering the vast majority of the world is plus sized, the fashion industry has very little to offer. It’s a bit upsetting. And quite frankly, somewhat insulting as well.
Which is why I am such a fan of Elvi. I love their prices, their style, and their website. I am a big fan of their Shop By Outfit option – it reminds me a bit of Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. And Elvi does a great job of putting outfits together – I feel more posh just looking at the outfits on the site. I’m not afraid to admit that I have a bit of a lazy streak, and I would so much rather purchase an outfit than have to worry about matching clothing together. What a hassle. And once you get to their outfits page, they offer sections for both casual as well as evening wear. And the clothing is lovely – great quality cloth with gorgeous detailing.
This site gets and A+ in my book.


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