And now for something completely different

So I know that I generally stick to fashion that is actually visible (i.e. clothing as opposed to undies); however I found this to be quite impressive. And by “this” I mean Spanx underwear. It is apparently meant to combat VPL according to the website, which I can only take to mean Visible Panty Line, given the context. Now aside from the name (Hehe. Spanx. It’s funny – what can I say, I am a sixteen year old boy at heart.) there is another reason that I love these tights. And that is that quite frankly I have put on a few pounds. Unfortunately. Fortunately, however, I now have Spanx to take care of the trousers issue. Whereas before I could only wear skirts with control top hose. Also, these bad boys are hot, which is more than I can usually say for control top panty hose. I mean, I don’t know of any other control top panty hose other than Spanx that actually comes in fishnet. It is most impressive – power to the bigger girls! Spanx comes in many options both in terms of texture and color – beside for the fishnet style that I mentioned before, there is also Spanx Higher Power, Spanx Power Panties, Spanx Tight End Tights, Spanx Higher Power and more. (i’m noticing a “power” theme goin on here – didn’t know if you had picked up on it, dear reader.)
Spanx doesn’t just specialize in tights, although that seems to be their main focus – they also have slips and camis available. And all of the above mentioned items – slips, camis and panty hose – all come in many different sizes – from A through E – as well as many different colors. They come in nude, black, ivory, and more beside. So whether you need to “slim down” or just to feel in control and get those loose ends tucked in, I would thoroughly recommend Spanx.


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