A couple of posts ago we talked about green houses and how they could be extensions of your home. I am also a huge fan of the patio and the deck for home extending. It is amazing what a nice deck will do for a home, especially for a smaller home. I also love accessorizing decks with outdoor patio furniture. There are many, many options available, all customizable with different shapes, colors, and sizes. All of the deck furniture should, of course, be suitable for the outdoors – weather proof and so on. It should also be relatively easy to maintain – especially chairs.
With patio tables there are almost as many options for the outdoors as there are for the interior. There are dining tables, coffee tables, trendier bar height tables, bistro tables, and more, each category with many options in terms of customization for your patio or deck. My personal favorite is the Blue Rhino Mosaic Ceramic Tile Table – it has an air of its own. It may not be the best in terms of maintenance, but nothing beats it for style. For more practical, durable, and more maintenance free styles you may want to go with the Beachfront Round Side Table or the Beachfront Two Shelf Side Table.
To top off your patio furniture set (or sets), you are definitely going to want a nice selection of patio dining sets to complete the outdoorsy yet civilized look. I find that aluminum patio dining sets are the most durable and most attractive at the same time. I love the Latour Collection – particularly the Latour Dining Arm Chair, with its tree branches snaking across the back. There is more of a selection in the wrought iron sets – and I really like the Easton Set, if I had to choose out of the wrought iron category. Very minimalist, very attractive, very elegant. With so many options, it’s almost impossible to choose!


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