Post holiday?

Well, Christmas has passed, as has New Year. I just have to bring up one item – Jennifer Lopez. What the hell?
In all seriousness, what on earth was she thinking? A sheer body suit? No offense, Jen, but you simply do not have the body to pull it off. No one does, actually, but especially not you. Sorry. You were not “showcasing your curves”. Maybe you were showcasing something else, but that was definitely not it.
It is actually really sad. The holidays. Some of the happiest moments of the year. And there are so many opportunities to make HUGE fashion errors! And I mean really really huge fashion errors. Of the Jennifer Lopez variety, or even worse. In addition to the over sequined issue that I have been ranting about over the past couple of blog posts, there is also the skin issue. Yeah, you have it. Leave a little to the imagination, for heaven’s sake. And let us remember that Christmas is in winter – mini skirts may not be the most appropos. Show a little cleavage, have a good time at your Christmas party, but do it tastefully. In the words of Butters, “Do you know what I am saying?” There is a massive difference between being sexy and skanky. It is all about the subtlety. I know that it is really really cliche, but you may want to go the little black dress route. And you know, there are variations on the little black dress. Nicole Miller definitely differs vastly from BCBG or the likes. A little black dress from Valentino is a completely different story from a little black dress from Badgeley Mischka Platinum Label. Or Robert Rodriguez Black Label, for that matter. Little black dresses do not have to be cliche. Or standard. Just give it a shot.


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