There is nothing lovelier than a little bit of color and greenery in your home, and there is really nothing lovelier than an entire houseful of color and greenery. Hence the concept of the garden greenhouses. Lovely, transparent bowers of flowers, herbs, and shrubbery. A garden greenhouse is, for starters, a place in which you can garden all year round – no winter break in a greenhouse. But it is more than just that – it also serves as a place of sanctuary, a place where you can gather your thoughts.
There is, of course, more than one type of greenhouse. My personal favorite is the lean to greenhouse. The cost to set it up is minimal at most and its like having a little green extension of your home. There are many sizes and types of lean to greenhouses as well. You can go the really cheap route and get a small lean to greenhouse of about three feet in height, or you can get one that pretty much covers the entire back of your house. It is very similar to a deck in my mind – it is like an extension of your home. When we got a deck in our backyard, it made a world of difference. It was like having a nice outdoor living room with a playing area for the kids. Very relaxing for everyone.
Lastly, there are cold frame greenhouses. Cold frame greenhouses are an ideal choice for city gardeners who have to budget their space wisely. There is an adorable tent shaped little cold frame greenhouse that is my especial favorite. And of course there are your more standard box shaped ones.
I love all of the options available. To me, it is all about the customization, making your greenhouse your own, with your own unique tastes and characteristics.


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